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Time to get serious

2008-08-29 07:04:18 by ScorpianX0

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Alright....... last night, I Decide ALL requests that have been asked of me, WILL BE DONE.........sooner or later

I've already started on 2 requests outa about 8 ( yes, I've dug a hole, and now I got to dig myself out ), And I'm trying to work on them as much as I can ( school's a bitch )

Projects I have to do

Redenvie's Garurumon pic ( you are the one who asked for this, right? )
Keosan's Forgotten picture ( it was from along time ago, actually, I don't think he comes on anymore )
Three DA requests..........

and a Small comic :(

so yeah...... I'm gonna work on those

on the lighter side, I've seen a commercial about a week and a halve ago that made me " LMAO "

It's the Mercs 2 Commercial with a song that still makes me laugh

It you liked the ad, check out

The full song

( Video was uploaded by EA, yet the quality still sucks -_- )

Alright, here's the story.......... I'm 7 years old, and I'm a huge Pokemon fan....... My mom bought me this card that she picked out at a store in NewYork city.

Now........ I'm 15, and wondering how much this little card is worth...

I've heard it's a very rare card that would fetch a pretty penny ( like $200 ), and that was 4 years ago

and when I went to go look up this wonderful card on the web, the websites Didn't have this card in their systems ( is it that rare? )

So if anyone can help me, or just wants to leave a comment........ please comment, because if this is worth what I think it is, I'm selling this bad boy

Would you like that in hundreds, or Pennies?

School Has Started

2008-08-24 20:26:23 by ScorpianX0

argh........ School starts for me tomorro >:(.... which means less time to hang around NG and even less time on my art < : (.

Oh well, At least my first and Last classes deal with art ( HELL YEAH )... so there's that to look forward to ( I've got Painting 1, and Ceramics 1 this year )

also, I'm sure I will do alittle doodling in school, which always leads me to making something big.

anyway, I'm sure there's some of you feeling the pain too. ( BTW: I wont be on pass 9:00pm on weekdays except friday of course. )......... so yeah

Experiment of the Sick Minded 2

2008-08-23 11:53:08 by ScorpianX0

2nd Verse, same as the first, except this time, YOU guys get to pick the one song outa five for me to use as an influence.

list of songs ( in order to the video's and links )

Chapter Four - by Avenged Sevenfold ( 2 votes currently)
Walk - By Pantera ( 0 votes currently )
Down with the Sickness - By Disturbed ( 2 votes currently )
The Hand that Feeds - by Nine Inch Nails ( 0 votes currently )
Chop Suey - By System of a Down ( 2 votes currently )

Yes, I'm drawing renamon again ( bite me )

Please vote, I need to decide on one of these songs (three way tie >.< )

below is the picture from " Experiment of the Sick Minded 1". It was influenced by the song " Closer " - By Nine Inch Nails.


It's over........ and " Chapter Four " - By Avenged Sevenfold is the song I'll be using

Time it will be finished : Unknown

Experiment of the Sick Minded 2

Experiment of the Sick Minded

2008-08-15 17:16:39 by ScorpianX0

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There's this song I like to listen called " Closer " by Nine inch nails.

Now I listen to music everytime I draw, and usually the mood of the song effects the mood of my drawing. So what happens when you draw Renamon with a Song like " Closer "? Well, I'm going to find out.

I'll try to keep this as clean as I can ( NO YIFFY )

P.S.: I will NOT do this until ALL requests I promised are finished ( I'm trying to make sure I get those done )

I also have no idea what kind of image I'll make of renamon, but it probably wont be pretty.


it's finished..... and It didn't come out like I expected. But all in all, I still like it.

no blood, yeah I know...... I was shocked too.

Experiment of the Sick Minded


2008-08-10 20:21:09 by ScorpianX0

finally, back to NG and all it's......... crap.

anyway, I made 5 drawings while in Ohio, so If you haven't seen them yet, check out my art thread

I'm feeling great, that vacation is exactly what I needed to get back into making drawings. I really want to make alot more before the school year starts back up again.

I see we've goten quite a few new NG'ers............. hopefully some goods ones.

anyway, I'm back........... so yeah.................woo-hoo..... meh......

: I'm ready to kick some ass > :3


just a couple more.......

2008-07-29 16:29:19 by ScorpianX0

well........ it's july 29th, so my vacation is almost over ( I'm using a computer at someone else's house. )

I'm over my depression, I've made some more drawings ( hopefully one's you guys will like), and I'm ready to make more ( I've been on a Drawing streek lately )

I haven't checked out NG at all this month, so when I get back ( august 10th ) I would like a friend to fill me in on what I missed ( send me PM or something )

I'll upload the new pics as soon as I get home



2008-07-10 23:27:06 by ScorpianX0

it has actually happened..... I"M DEPRESSED............ I've been looking on DA and NG , and I feel like shit. My drawings looks like doodles compared to some of the things I've seen. Even my renamon pics get blown out of the water by some of the fanarts I've seen of her.

I'm trying to recover by practicing more, but I'm having trouble just thinking about an idea to draw.

Hopefully my vacation will let me regain self -confidence so I can get better..........

anyway, I'm leaving to go to Ohio tomorro to go visit family for a month.

see ya later : (

Bloody .......

2008-06-04 00:18:48 by ScorpianX0

well it's bloody...... this is just some thing I threw together when I was in a violent mode ( which is the kind of mood I'm in half the time I draw) It's something also from some fan-comic I'm making.

anyway, criticize, judge, leave tips.... all that good stuff

yes I do relize it's out of proportion, so don't chew my ass out about it

also... don't jugde by who's in the pic, if I get dissed just because of that, I'm gonna be pissed

Bloody .......

no-line renamon

2008-06-01 16:26:18 by ScorpianX0

well.... You might have seen me on the Art thread. I've been told to make posts about some of my work, so I did.... this is actually kinda of a old pic. It's from 07, I think during fall..... anyway.... here you go.

the point of this was to see if I make a pic without lines in the finished project......I guess I did ok...

anyway..... criticize please..... tips are helpful.... you know....

no-line renamon